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Indoor Bug Zapper

Indoor Bug Zapper

Insects cannot be absent in your home on any time of the day. Common bugging insects that abruptly affect your way of living are ants, mosquitoes and roaches. Sometimes, in order to get rid of these insects, most people spray fumes and smokes in their whereabouts. But unfortunately having the said methods does not totally eliminate the invertebrates. Now, this is where the indoor bug zappers are much appreciated.

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What is an indoor bug zapper?

Indoor bug zappers are devices used to wipe out bugs, especially the harmful ones. The common bug zappers are the ones which attract the insects with ultraviolet lights and then electrocute them after contact. The electrical currents produced are far enough to kill the pests. As this flow to the little bodies of the insects, it heats up to a specific temperature that is hot enough for their body system.
However, the placement and electrical resistance of the grid of bug zappers are the primary reasons for these electrical currents to be not much of danger to humans.

Types of indoor bug zappers

Protective cage
Some indoor devices of bug zappers are in the form of lanterns and small heaters. These are the common ones which emits ultraviolet light. Simply through the attraction to the light, insects are then electrocuted in contact. Bug zappers of this type have grounded metal bars that prevent human beings and animals from touching the electric grid.

Handheld bug zapper
These are the handheld ones which look like much of a tennis racket. Bugs and insects are actually vanished after contact with the charged wires of flowing electricity. Some get its power with the use of batteries.

Benefits of indoor bug zappers

  • No more use of swatters

Having the bug zappers will surely lessen the insects in and around of your home. The first advantage of having bug zappers is that you will not be forced to put out these pests manually one by one.
  • Less use of repellants

You will have the guarantee of not always using repellants since the bug zappers will be there to do the job. Also, there would be no more strong smell of fumes for you and your family to endure.

Drawbacks of indoor bug zappers

Carbon dioxide sensitive
Indoor Zapper

Through a study, bug zappers are not effective enough in eliminating biting bugs such as female mosquitoes. Most of the time, it get rid of harmless and favorable insects like pollinating bees. Since insects like mosquitoes are much more attracted to carbon dioxide, especially to the breath of mammals in which water vapor is present, most of them are not get killed.
However, there are now invented bug zappers which give out carbon dioxide or baits like octenol in order to attract these insects in the beam of light.

Airborne bacteria

It has been found out that as the bugs are electrocuted, bug zappers can disperse bacteria to the atmosphere. Because of this, there could be small amount of inhalations from viruses coming from insects. Also, medical associations advise that these devices should not be near or within the food preparation areas.